There exist millions of blogs today on web with different kinds. As this post is about cuteness, I have a-not-so-cute question for you: what except the content makes a blog cute to you?

Obviously, it’s look n’ feel; the design.

By experience, I can tell you that personal blogs become cuter and more beautiful eventually as people tend to modify their personal space without caring about the standards. But it takes something if not everything to effectively customize your blogger blog. And what if your modified version is not coming out so good?

If so, you would certainly look for some ready-made templates that fit exactly in your demand. Here is the collection showcasing a set of some incredibly cute templates for Blogger blogs that may add to the cuteness of your awesome blog.

  1. Teen Love Story

    Whom this template is for? The title and the header graphic of this template of this template depicts it well. If you blog on love and relationship, this can be given a try. Credits go to iPieToon.

    Teen Love Story

    Demo Download

  2. Kiddiez Shop

    Kiddiez Shop

    A store-like layout of this cute template makes it one of the bests to feature cute products for kids. Great stuff by iPieToon again.

    Demo Download

  3. Lilac Stitch

    Lilac Stich

    Seems like a work of craft, this template could be the cutest fit for your home decor, knitting, clothing, or craft blog. Provided by Delicious design studio.

    Demo Download

  4. Craftwork

    Another cool craft template with attractive floral graphics in the header, it’s the Blogger version of Craftwork WordPress theme. Will look cute on your craft or home-decor based blog. Provided by Beta templates.


    Demo Download

  5. Lady Bug

    Lady Bug aka Free Printable Template is a nice n’ clean template with a cute blog header and widget area. A best fit for personal blogs.


    Demo Download

  6. Girl’s Gift

    Girl's Gift

    3-col, clean n’ casual template for girl bloggers. The handmade graphic in the header-right looks great.

    Demo Download

  7. Girl’s Life

    Girl's Life

    A 3-column funky work with a cool header. The handwritten font used on the template suits well on the theme. Another alternative template for girl who blog.

    Demo Download

  8. Cycling Couple

    Cycling Couple

    Another good fit for your love and relationship blog. It’s huge n’ cute header attracts the readers well.

    Demo Download

  9. Flower Garden

    Baby Cute

    Good combination of green and brown, this may look good on your gardening, flowers, or flora based blog.

    Demo Download

  10. Baby Cute

    Baby Cute

    Seems and sounds good for baby care blogs. Cute one by iPieToon.

    Demo Download

  11. Cute Color

    Cute Color

    Simple template by BTemplates with a header graphic of a cute puppy on top-left. You may utilize it as you want.

    Demo Download

  12. Bunny & Teddy

    Bunny and Teddy

    One of the best alternatives for those who blog about teddies, bunnies, childhood, kids, and cuteness. Girls who blog may also prefer using this for their personal blogs.


  13. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky

    A work of craft, a template which may look good on your craft blog.


  14. Cheerful Blues

    Cheerful Blues

    Cheerful floral graphic in the blog header with a diary/notebook kind-of layout that may work for your personal creative blog.

    Demo Download

  15. Girl’s Fantasy Land

    Girl's Fantasy Land

    Another one for girl bloggers. Amazing header image with different avatars of a girl. Use however you want.

    Demo Download

  16. Kids’ Style

    Kid's Style

    It carries nicely designed graphics, the header image looks as cute as if it’s drawn by a kid.

    Demo Download

  17. Cookiez


    A good, minimal, slightly-kiddish template for a misc or personal blog.

    Demo Download

  18. Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty

    From the name, it seems like created by a girl’s dad. Cute graphics, you may use it on your blog dedicated to your cutie or as you wish.

    Demo Download

  19. Cute Bee

    Cute Bee

    Amazing piece of graphic design and typography, not standard-wise, but theme-wise. Bees are everywhere in the graphics, even in the cursor! You may consider it using however you want to.

    Demo Download

  20. Spring Flowers

    Spring Flowers

    Template with a cool header image on top. You may consider it for your blogs on nature, flora, or miscellaneous things.

    Demo Download

  21. Chococat


    Nicely done graphics and typography by VJay, it seems like a kitty who loves chocolate. Will look good for on a cat lover’s blog.

    Demo Download

  22. I Love Spring

    I Love Spring

    Another template with a good-looking header image. The floral graphic make it match its title. You may use it as you want.

    Demo Download

  23. Grunge Girl

    Grunge Girl

    Not very grungy, but cute. The use of graphics and soothing colors make it look pretty, and the graphic girl on top-right steals the sight. Best suit for the blog of a girl.

    Demo Download

  24. Pink Cake

    Pink Cake

    Crafty. Looks like it is baked nicely like a delicious cake. You may use it for your cake recipes, kitchen, misc, or personal blog.

    Demo Download

  25. Pink Blue

    Pink Blue

    You see a great combination of pink and blue colors in it, with a nice header graphic on the top-right. Girls may use it as their personal space or for their beauty n’ fashion blog.

    Demo Download

Hope you found this showcase useful. Let me know if I’d missed on something worth mentioning. Cheers!