Unlike WordPress, Blogspot or Blogger blogger blogs do not support showing a Last Modified or Last updated date time stamp. You may already know about WordPress supporting plugin installation for added functionality, that we can’t achieve on Blogger blogs.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add the last modified date to your Blogger based blog. If you wish to do that, our this post will help you to get it done.

Why should I show Last Updated date on my blog?

People generally show last modified date to keep their readers updated about their blog posts. Search engines also crawl the updated date and show it on search results if you show last modified information in your posts.

How can I show the last modified date and time on my blog?

It’s very easy. You don’t even need to dig into code of your Blogger template, provided that your Blog shows the post date properly. In case you have modified a post, and wanting to update the date as well, just update the date while updating your post using the Post settings panel in your Blogger post editor. This will start showing the updated date in your blogger posts, and will also move up in the post index in your homepage so that your readers can find it well.

Modify Blogger post published date

After updating the date, search engine crawlers will also fetch the modified date info from your updated post and start showing it on searches.

Optionally, you can add a “Last Modified” label to you post date (pretty fancy). In order to do that, just edit your Blog’s template in HTML mode and look for this line:


And replace it with the below code and save changes (you may change ‘Last Modified’ to ‘Last Updated’ if you wish):

Last Modified: <data:post.dateHeader/>
Adding 'Last Modified' Label to Blogger date

From now, all your post dates will show a “Last Modified” label and the readers will know when the post is last updated.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to touch the code and default published date of your posts, you can hide the post date and then manually add Last Modified date information by typing the modified date yourself in your Blogger posts.